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Mission Statement

At Stone Bridge Counseling & Consulting LLC,

our goal is to guide people

in finding meaningful connections

within themselves, their families,

their communities, and their lives

in the Denver metro area.

Counseling Philosophy

"I believe counseling is a journey. It is useful throughout life, not only resolving mental health concerns; but as a means of discovery and building on personal relationships, clarifying goals and strengthening each person's own unique attributes. It is about building connections. Connections come in many forms; connecting with ourselves, our families, our communities but also connecting past, present, and future.

Counseling is a collaborative process and should be centered around the client. The role of the counselor is directed by each client and their unique needs and goals. As a counselor, my goal is to provide each and every client with respect and dignity. Furthermore, I aspire to create a safe place where they may explore the many facets of their lives, resolve problems, answer questions, face their fears, and build sustaining connections that will help to carry them throughout their lives and whatever challenges they may face."

Tamara Stainbrook, Stone Bridge Founder & Counselor

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